Webinar “How are you doing?” – by former TEDx speaker Derek Bruce & Ayoung

This session will be in English.

‘How are you doing?’ – Join us for a session where we focus on ways to respond to this question!

On June 17th, Derek Bruce is organizing a webinar for Ayoung and partners where he will focus on the answer to the question, ‘How are you doing?’, which over the last 12 to 15 months, has taken on an even more important meaning.

Over the last year, the impact of the Coronavirus has seen us move away from physical and social interaction with friends and colleagues, work remotely virtually full time, and at the most difficult time have limited access outside and to aspects of our lives we took for granted.

During the session, we will discuss positive ways of how we move into the rest of 2021 from an emotional, mental, and physical perspective, and give you insights, tips, and tricks about how to drive your personal development forward against the backdrop of the Coronavirus.

Derek Bruce (former TEDx speaker and Founder and owner of Derek Bruce Associates) will guide you through:

  1. The amazing power of positive thinking and taking small steps
  2. The positive impact of working remotely, and transitioning back to the officer (at some point)
  3. The importance of connecting with and gaining support from your line manager

During the 60 minutes session, he will provide you with examples of how he was inspired to take positives from the situations we are in now, opportunities we can embrace working remotely, and the transition back to working from offices, and the importance of connecting with your line manager to support you in your career going forwards.

We will also invite you to share insights with your colleagues, and the aim is that following the sixty-minute session, the next time you are asked ‘How are you doing?’, you will be able to say, ‘I’m doing really well.

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