Masterclass: Generate insight on change management with the Philips Change Management Model – by Philips

In order to have a structured and consistent way of approaching change in Philips, Philips developed a Philips-owned change model.

This model and the methodology attached to it, is a blend of known Change Management models and methodologies, such as the change curve of Kübler-Ross as well as the 8 step change model of Kotter.

Looking at change initiatives in this way, will give you a consistent and profound way to manage these initiatives.

It doesn’t matter whether you are leading the change or subject to the change, the Philips Change Management model will give you insight in why a change is being adapted or why it tends to be stuck.

In this virtual meeting we will interactively go through the model in approximately an hour, after which we plan for approximately 30 mins of questions and answers.

Questions related to a real life change initiative are very welcome!

The meeting will be facilitated by Vita Vervoorn, Senior Consultant Philips Industry Consulting and Frank Hoems, Global Transformation and Change Manager.

If you have any questions, please contact