Is the globalization tide turning finally? – by Deloitte

This session will be in English. 

Is the globalization tide turning finally?
For decades international companies have been optimizing their businesses by sharing data and KPIs across the globe up to adopting best practices around the globe. The IT technology evolutions enabled this increasingly well, up to having a single global ERP system.

Putting all of your business eggs into one basket is maybe not a good idea: one size fits all might turn into one size hurts all; data residency requirements are getting tougher and more complex and the voice for regional autonomy is getting louder. Is this the end of globalization? How far back will the pendulum swing?

Speaker Rob de Maat is Global Applications Lead at Deloitte and wants to share thoughts on the topic with attendees from different companies. Take part in the conversation!

This event is part of The Week of Growth by The Growth Collective

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