Intercultural communication: what factors are involved in communicating within different kinds of cultures? – by LambWeston

Bonjour, Hello and Konnichi wa! Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic for many companies. Today we focus on an essential part of DI, namely international communication. What best practices can you introduce in your own company or life?

Philippa Anderson is our British host. She has experience working in different countries like the USA and the The Netherlands. Today she shares her thoughts on the different styles of communication and how they are affected by cultural differences. Philippa works for the multinational Lamb Weston Meijer. She has a long history in marketing and works currently as a change lead for digital transformation, so the right way of communication is essential in her day-to-day business. 

1. Communicating within different national cultures;
2. Rational versus intuitive communication;
3. Low context versus high context communication.