Financial wellbeing: how to sustain a carefree 100 year life – door Capgemini

In this day and age each individual has a high probability of living a 100-year life (especially those who are currently born). Accordingly, we have to structurally rethink the way in which we can sustain these hundred years. Sustain from a physical perspective but also sustain from a financial perspective. Are we able to accumulate enough during our working period to decumulate in our retirement phase or do we need to radically change the way that we organize our life and finance accordingly.

Daan de Graaf, Strategy & Innovation consultant at Capgemini will take you along in his vision how to restructure life to sustain a 100 years. Afterwards, in the break down sessions, we will iterate on how new services in the financial, health and social domain can help to live a healthy, carefree and purposeful 100 year life.

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