Catch the Wave: Tech of China – by BIT

Scientifically China is becoming a real powerhouse, and they are in a rush to become the world leader in scientific research. In 2018, China overtook the US as the world’s most prolific scientific researcher, publishing an average of 305,000 papers a year.
Quantity is not quality, but here China is making leaps forward. Looking at citations, in the last 3 years, China climbed from sixth place to second place.

Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Bytedance, and ZTE are the big challengers out of China. They lead in numerous ways, from facial recognition to chatbots.
In our webinar, we discuss China’s plans to have Space-based Solar power station by 2035, an Artificial moon in the city of Chengdu that should swap out street lights. 

Get inspired, awakened, and astonished by the emerging technologies of China in the webinar on the 11th of February. With an incredible innovation budget, China is taking leaps in artificial intelligent healthcare, 5G powered mobility, and extended reality entertainment. Let Bit update you on the latest tech developments in Chinese space research, facial recognition applications, and deepfake innovation. Do you want to know what else China has in store? Sign up right here!

Clingendael Research Fellow Xiaoxue Martin will delve into Beijing’s aim to become a world leader in technology and innovation. China’s quest to dominate high-tech industries under its Made in China 2025 Initiative will have far-reaching consequences for the global economy and balance of power. Our webinar will reveal the broader geopolitical implications of China’s rapid technological advance for European governments and companies.

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