Catch The Wave: Sustainable Energy – by BIT

In a revolutionary court ruling, The Hague District Court forced Shell to reduce its climate impact, cutting its CO2 emissions by 45% before 2030. This makes it the first-ever court measure forcing a private company to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Shell now faces a huge problem, and the entity opted to invest in new technologies to find the solution. This research will lead to unprecedented opportunities and investment into the future of energy generation and storage and will mark the path that will be followed by fellow companies when forced to become more sustainable.

During our webinar, we will have a look at what Shell’s approach is to this challenge, and what new technologies the industry giant will invest in. All companies have something to gain from learning about this – from predicting investments, planning projects to preparing to become carbon-neutral. Sign up now to find out how you can get involved in a greener future. 

As a teaser, here’s a Case Study demonstrating potential opportunities for Shell. Either way, a sustainable and fair Netherlands will not come about by itself, right?

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