The best kept secret of FrieslandCampina: supply chain management and societal impact

This session will be in English.

At FrieslandCampina, one of the questions that’s been asked the most during interviews by young applicants is how they handle ethical and environment related issues. FrieslandCampina, being a large company, holds a significant position within our society and the world at large. How contributes FrieslandCampina to healthy and sustainable nutrition for all people and a goodliving for farmers in the whole world. 


Jeroen Elfers, our speaker today, is corporate director dairy development and milkstreams at FrieslandCampina. He is responsible for ‘ a Better living for farmers as part of the Nourishing a Better Planet strategy. He works together with his team on infrastructures, setting up factories and creating supply chains together with local farmers mainly smallholders (> 100.000) in over nine countries. One of the projects Jeroen is responsible for, is creating an infrastructure to help Fulani’s (nomadic cattle keepers) in the North of Nigeria with their milk production. A small factory is manufactured in Friesland and will be shipped to Africa in December overseas…..


Today you’ll learn more during a Q&A session about the challenges FrieslandCampina encounters within different countries and cultures in Africa and Asia. 


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