Masterclass: Master your Energy Leadership – door NPOWER

This session will be in English.

Energy Leadership™, it is the process by which we – as individuals and leaders – channel our energy into higher-level thinking and creativity to focus on opportunities rather than problems.

For many, this is much easier said than done.

Energy Leadership™ helps us identify the missing link between our ambitions and our abilities to achieve them and to recognize that while we may not always be able to change our external circumstances, we can always shift our mindset and perspective. With that shift comes growth, opportunity and impact.

This Masterclass dives into the theory and core foundation of mindset work. You will learn

  • The difference about catabolic and anabolic energy
  • How to raise your levels of energy
  • The most common blocks people experience that stop them from achieving their full potential
  • Coaching exercises that you can apply to your current situation.

Nathalie van Haaren finished her Digital YSE traineeship in 2017. After spending a few years working in corporate IT she switched careers and is now Certified Professional Leadership and Transition coach based out of Dakar, Senegal. She works with 1:1 clients and organizations remotely.

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