Masterclass: Chatbots on steroids: conversational AI in business – by Rehan Saif

This session will be in English.

Chatbots on steroids

Think about a personalized, proactive user experience where customers are in control of their own customer service. Self-service is increasingly becoming the norm as customers expect immediate assistance. While the focus is now mainly on customer self-service, in the future this will shift to automated self-service by bots. Especially in the near future when Generation Z is the majority in the market. This digital generation is used to quick, automated technologies, but is your company capable of being quick enough? 

The masterclass is given by Rehan Saif, who completed the data traineeship at YSE and now works within the conversational AI practice at Cognizant in Brussels.                                                                       

He will discuss the following aspects:

·         What is conversational AI?

·         Brief technical deep dive 

·         Trends market development near future 

·         Business value for your company

 ·        Roadmap: how to apply CAI from 0?

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