Kick-off: International Champions Community!

This session will be in English.

In 2022 WeShareTalent will start with an International Champions Community in which each session will be led by a different topic expert from a different organization and country. We will create main topics such as Manufacturing, Customer Data Creation, Logistics, and many more.

In these sessions, experts will meet online once a month to discuss:

  • challenges and issues in that particular field of work;
  • share experiences with case examples;
  • and exchange tips and tricks to help each other further.
During this kick-off in February we:
  • are curious about your ideas for this new community;
  • want to pick your brain;
  • and enthuse you to participate!
You can expect more than one break-out room and golden opportunities to connect with people from different countries and broaden your network!

For any questions you can send an email to