Impact van Blockchain, AI, Autonome Assets

M2M infrastructures, blockchain, ai, autonomous assets, fog computing. During this Sharetime you are going to discover which paradigms of today we will be able to break and how. We’ll take a daytrip into the world of tomorrow. Be prepared to be amazed!  

If you could talk with a guy from 1995 (let’s say he has a cd shop in a little street) and tell him about the paradigm shifts internet will bring in the next 20 years, some of your stories would sound ridiculous. And others dangerous. But we all know them to be ‘normal’.  

In this session you are invited to live through the same experience while we explore the coming 20 years. Research institute Gartner predicts a programmable economy with new and disruptive economic systems. During the talk we’ll do a crazy thought experiment and explore disruptive infrastructures with which no company can compete. Also we’ll look to our pilots and projects of today (M2M, IOTA, Self owned machines) and share how we use those to explore tomorrows Research questions.