Facilitating Remote Sprints – by STUDIO.WHY (6 Oct 2022)

This session will be in English.

STUDIO.WHY facilitates their clients during online collaboration sessions, aimed to find solutions for complex problems.

They call them  “STUDIO.WHY Sprints” as they might cover more than just remote design sprints. Especially the amount of work that can be done in just a few hours is amazing regarding to the old fashion way of organizing meetings.

Their goal is to enable these teams to adopt this way of working, contributing to a Culture of Innovation, and make their role obsolete.

Answers you will get:

  • What is a STUDIO.WHY Sprint?
  • How can it help us to solve complex challenges?
  • What kind of sprints can I use?
  • How do you prepare a session?
  • What roles do you define?
  • Which tools do you use besides Miro?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts as a facilitator?
  • And any question you might have!

During this webinar you will join us via Zoom and Miro, so you can experience yourself how things work.

Questions? Send an email to info@wesharetalent.com