Dyslexic thinking is an evolutionary tradeoff, not a learning disability – by Dyslexic Disruptors

This session is in English.

We all know that you can’t see the world in the same way as someone else. Everyone has their own unique perspective on things. But for 20% of us, our perspective is just… different, and defined by evolution.

As someone who has experienced dyslexia yourself, or who knows someone who has, you already know that while it can be a struggle, it’s also an asset.

Dyslexic thinking is a powerful force in the modern economy. From IKEA to Adyen: dyslexia is a driving force in the business world. Disruptive thinking is increasingly proving to be a powerful way for organizations, large and small, to realize enormous growth potential.

Dyslexic and explorative thinking comes naturally to us dyslexics because our brains already work that way automatically! Approaching projects without subconscious assumptions, considering from multiple perspectives, and with endless curiosity. Where others see obstacles, we find ways to get around them. Dyslexic thinkers are individuals who have unique perspectives on the world without being bothered by existing mental shortcuts, analogs, and accepted worldviews. As a result, they more often see commercial opportunities that are unseen by others. A creative force to stimulate strategy & innovation.

Marnix Langstraat: After more than 16 years of working as an employee in the corporate world, I know all too well how my dyslexic thinking has influenced my career in the workplace. My dyslexia gave me an edge in many strategic and innovative topics and projects, although it was always very difficult to combine this advantage with day-to-day practice in a business environment. Many years later, we are now discovering how we can take advantage of this dyslexic thinking skill for businesses.

The learning objectives of this masterclass are:

  • Latest exciting insights from research on Dyslexia: what is it and why is it there?
  • Recognize dyslexic thinking in the workplace.
  • Dyslexic thinking and Strategy & Innovation (renewal) are a good match!
  • How you can work together and thus utilize the added value of the combination of typical and atypical thinking styles.
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