Digital Fit with Lamb Weston Meijer

This session will be in English.

Lamb Weston Meijer aspires to be digital fit. To this end, they developed DigitizeNow. DigitizeNow is a generic best practice to digitize processes (tasks and/or requests)  towards a Zero Touch Architecture which is usable for any business process, e.g. Finance, IT, HR, Business Planning and Business Support. It’s an agile approach to digitizing processes that combines the ServiceNow platform and Fruitition Partners’ Codeless Catalog Automation Application.
Ton Maltha, Services Leader at Lamb Weston Meijer, will talk you through the various steps taken within the development of DigitizeNow and which problems they encountered. 
Key takeaways:

  • Future of outsourcing is do it yourself 
  • Putting People first works
  • Key for successful digital transformation are : simplicity, logic and ease of use

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