Cialdini’s 6 Secrets to Convince People – by WeShareTalent

This session is in English.

Consciously or unconsciously, we try to influence our co-workers every single day. This can be during a presentation at work where you want to excite your colleagues in your project, raking in a new client or convincing your boss that you are ready for the next level.

The opposite is true as well. We are constantly being influenced consciously, but more often unconsciously by people and organizations. Just think of the advertisements who influence your behavior on the products that you buy or when a colleague asks for your assistance for a project.
During our session at WeShareTalent, we will make use of the 6 secrets written in the book ‘influence’ by Robert Cialdini, to see how you can convince people in a positive way. There is a chance that you are already using some of Cialdini’s theories in your daily life.
We will also put our words into action bij looking at how we can use Cialdini’s theories during working hours and in our daily lives. Thus, this event is interesting for those who want to know how to make their stories more convincing and how you can recognize what kinds of influence are being exercised.
Learning goals:
1. Learning the theory behind the 6 secrets from the book ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini
2. How you can apply these secrets in your daily life.

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